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It’s always a wonderful idea to treat yourself to a fresh mani and pedi, and the best news is that you can now do that at Posh Pouts!

Whether it’s gel overlays you’re after to help grow your natural nail or a manicure to look after your natural nail, we’ve got you covered!  

GEL OVERLAY NEW SET $50 - this set comes with a nail soak and cuticle clean and the choice of your colour paint for your nails, this service will need upkeep and we recommend refilling every 2-3 weeks for perfect looking nails.

GEL OVERLAY REFILLS $39 - refills include a nail soak and refilling of the nail regrowth and your choice of paint. 

MANICURE $25 - mani’s are an easy way to treat your natural nail. This service includes a nail soak, cuticle clean and file and paint. 

PEDICURE $45 - enjoy a luxury pedi with a warm foot bath and relax while we pamper your feet! Our Pedi’s are done in our private rooms and you get to lay down in our famously comfy beds and fall asleep if you like while we do the rest. 

GEL OVERLAY REMOVAL FREE - if you are one of our existing gel nail client, we are more then happy to remove your gel nails at no cost to you. 

GEL OVERLAY REMOVAL (not our work) $30


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