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'I have the most perfect eye brows' - said no one ever! Until now. 

 Allow us to transform your face by re shaping and extending your brows without any pain and only beauty to gain. Be prepared to be amazed. 

All appointments are booked with a trained and certified eye brow technician.


BROW LAMINATION $115 -  The new brow trend that is all bout the bushier the brow, the better!

This brow set is intended to work with your natural brow hairs and lifting them up to make your brows appear fuller, thicker and fluffier. 
This set includes a full brow reshape, wax or thread, lift and tint, leaving your brows super tamed and terrific till your next 
appointment - this set can last you anywhere between 4-6 weeks.



BROW SHAPE & TINT FIRST TIME $75  -  Have your brows sculpted by us for the first time,  and fall in love !! 

You'll get to discuss all the loves and room for improvement with your brow tech. All that is left to do afterwards is upkeep with the BROW SHAPE AND TINT every 3-4 weeks.


BR0W SHAPE & TINT RETURN $65 -  Best of both worlds. Shape and tint with henna and enjoy not having to colour in your brows every morning.......bliss.


BROW HENNA TINT ONLY $50-  If all you're after is colour, henna tint is for you. 


BROW THREADING FIRST VISIT $40 -  Our first time clients coming to get their brows threaded and experiencing the Posh Pouts brow way, please allow 30 mins for this appointment.


BROW THREADING RETURN VISIT $30 -  Follow up appointments within 4-5 weeks will keep the gorgeous initial shape in tact and make it easy to see the progress of your brow growth.



Lip $22

Chin $17

Whole face $50



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