Posh Pouts

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Posh Pouts Lash Studio Workshops 

one 2 one Lash Training

You will learn:

  • how to use everything in your kit, including the correct handling of your tweezers
  • how to correctly apply eyelash extensions with the one 2 one method
  • how to remove the lash extensions when your client comes back for refills, without damaging or harming the natural lash
  • we will go through how important it is to be thorough with sterilisation, how to prepare a client safely and of course hygiene
  • learning correct postures for you and your client
  • part of the theory, you will learn how to:
  • understand how to choose a lash style for your clients eye shape, and choosing the length, thickness and curl to suit their natural lashes
  • pick up a lash as well as learn how to apply it, using the right technique including the importance of isolation, separation and precision. 
  • information about how to care for your lashes after their treatment is important, you will learn the ‘do’s & don’ts’ to then educate your own clients.
  • theory will also cover how to help you promote your new service in your own salon as well as teach you product knowledge of all the aftercare
  • learn how to retail all after care products

Course outline:

Day 1 - theory plus 1 model

2 weeks for you to complete and lash 5 models

 (away from training room, before and after photos required)

Day 2 - light theory 1 model

2 weeks for you to complete and lash another 5 models 

(away from training room, before and after photos required)

and written assessment

Course cost : $795

Course includes 2 days of training over 5 weeks with support and training from beginning to end. 

If lash application does not pass minimum requirements, another chance will be given with an additional one on one lesson plus with another chance to pass the assessment afterwards, at an additional cost of $195.

Please note: certification will not be given unless you successfully pass both practical and written test. 

Kits are required to be purchased by every student completing our lash training, and will be sold at a discounted price. 

As one of our students, you are then entitled to continue to purchase products from us at a discounted price. After you successfully completing your training with us, you have a life long membership with us for purchasing products. 

ALL your tools and equipment for the training will by supplied by us (separate to the kit you get to take home)

Your take home kit will allow you to service at least 45 clients, with a return in value for your business of at least $4500!! (worked out on a average of $100 spend per client)

kit includes:

  • 2 different types of tweezers
  • 1 glue
  • 1 glue remover 
  • 1 lash primer
  • 45 gel lash pads
  • 50 alcohol swaps
  • 50 mascara wands
  • 3 medical tapes
  • 1 scissors 
  • 1 lash puffer
  • 1 nano mister
  • 1gram of loose lashes in sizes - 
  • C curl 9mm,10mm,11mm,12mm,13mm,14mm.

Kit Cost : $395

$495 of Value

If this sounds like something for you, express your interest via email or text and we will put you on the

next available wait list for training.


Students will be able to purchase different shape lashes on the day of training, different to the ones they get in their kit. As well as purchase all after care

products needed for them to retail to their clients.

Russian Volume Lash Training

  • you will learn how to use everything in your kit, including the correct handling of your volume tweezers
  • learn how to create the volume lashes before applying them to the natural lash.
  • how to correctly apply the volume lashes to one lash at a time.
  • learn how to correctly remove the volume lash when refilling
  • placement of the volume lash and correct attachment
  • lash after care of volume
  • how to advertise and sell volume lash sets
  • how to choose the correct set for your clients 
  • how to price point the lash sets for your business

Course cost $599
(does not include kit) 
Course outline - 1 day
10am - 12:30pm theory 
12:30 - 1pm break
1pm - 4pm practice

1 model for practice will be needed by each student

Cert will be awarded once completion of this module, pre requisite of 
one 2 one is to be completed before booking in for this training. All equipment and product for Russian volume is available for purchasing on the day.

Make Up Master Class

Come & learn from one of our professional make up artists how to master your make up like a pro.

Whether it be to learn something new or have a refresher, why not book today for a 90min one on one make up lesson.

Session cost $160

Cost is fully redeemable on any product you wish to purchase on the day. Available in store only.