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Gorgeous Cosmetics EVER MATALICS


Metallic eyes are all the rage! This palette contains the best of Gorgeous Cosmetics Metallic Finish Colour Pro Eye Shadows. Metallic shadows are great compliments to any eye color while making the eyes look more open and well rested. Our Colour Pro Eye Shadows are finely milled so the finish is smooth to keep the eyes looking younger. These shades are great for other areas of the face or pressed of lipstick for a metallic finish.


Shades Included:

Ivory Light – Bright frosted white

Silver Hue – Soft shimmering silver

Beautiful – Natural Mauve with a silvery sheen

Monique – Medium brown with silver finish

Dune – Light sand with golden finish

So Nice – Fair golden bronze

Golden Kiss – Warm bronze with a golden fleck

Gold Digger – Golden brown with green undertones.

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