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Book a one on one Skin care lesson (virtual)


Looking for a new skin care routine? Which ever your skin type or budget, we can now offer you a one on one skin care lesson over a video call, tailored to you. 

We understand it’s been hard to chat about skin when you used to always easily just walk into our salon and ask for help, so this has been designed for you to be in the comfort of your own home, get the info you need and advice and best part is that at the end of the lesson you get to choose the products you loved and redeem the $100 on skin care product of your choice. This includes free standard shipping, delivered straight to your door step.

Our choice of skin care range we stock in our store is Skin Juice, its Aussie, natural, cruelty free and smells soooooooo good! Feel the difference in real natural, like its ingredients have been put straight into a jar for you to use at home.

Purchase your one on one now or get one for someone as a gift, as soon as purchased, we will contact you to organise the appointment. 

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