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Posh Pouts Lash Studio Workshops 

 You will learn:
  • how to use kit, including the correct handling of tweezers
  • correct application of eyelash extensions with the one 2 one method
  • removal of lash extensions, without damaging or harming the natural lash
  • importance of thorough sterilisation, how to prepare a client safely and of course hygiene
  • learning correct postures for you and your client
Part of the theory, you will learn how to:
  • understand how to choose a lash style for your clients eye shape, and choosing the length, thickness and curl to suit their natural lashes
  • picking up and applying lashes, using the right technique including the importance of isolation, separation and precision. 
  • care for lashes after treatment is important, learn the ‘do’s & don’ts’ to then educate your own clients.
  • learning to promote your new service in your own salon and product knowledge of all the aftercare products
      You will learn:
      • how to use kit, including the correct handling of your volume tweezers
      • creating volume lashes before applying them to the natural lash.
      • correct application of volume lashes to one lash at a time.
      • correctly remove the volume lash when refilling
      • placement of the volume lash and correct attachment
      • lash after care of volume
      • how to advertise and sell volume lash sets
      • how to choose the correct set for your clients 
      • how to price point the lash sets for your business



      If this sounds like something for you, express your interest via email or text and we will put you on the
      next available wait list for training.
      Make Up Master Class
      Come & learn from one of our professional make up artists how to master your make up like a pro.
      Whether it be to learn something new or have a refresher, why not book today for a 90min one on one make up lesson.
      Session cost $160
      Cost is fully redeemable on any product you wish to purchase on the day. Available in store only.

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